Friday, April 12, 2013

Unit Tests Not Found in VS2012 and How It Was Fixed (partially)

I am setting up a virtual machine for a new upcoming project. It will use some core libraries that have already been developed in-house with Visual Studio 2012 as the development environment. The team that developed the existing libraries did a good job to make sure there was a suite of unit tests that worked and was reasonably comprehensive. So, after I installed VS2012 and Resharper I retrieved the code from the repository, compiled it and tried to run the unit tests.

The Resharper test runner (the one I normally use) listed all the tests and reported their status as "Inconclusive. Test not run."

The test runner built into Visual Studio didn't list any tests at all. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

A web search revealed some posts indicating there was a compatibility issue between VS2012 and Resharper that was supposedly fixed in VS2012's Update 2. I downloaded and installed the update.

After this, Resharper listed all the tests and reported their status as "Pending" without doing anything further. A change, but arguably not as good as before. To exit with things pending just seems strange. At least the previous "Inconclusive" state gives a sense that something's wrong, even if it doesn't say what.

On the other hand, Microsoft's test runner... still did the same thing. Absolutely no indication that any tests even existed.

After quite a bit more searching, chanting various incantations and sacrificing not a few livestock, I stumbled upon an ancient forum post from early last summer when VS2012 was still gestating as an RC. It indicated there was a bug with unit tests when they existed on a network share.

Hmm. I wanted my VM to be just the build environment and had placed the source code on a shared folder that was mapped alongside all the other source code on the host machine's disk. I wondered what would happen if I moved the code to the C: drive.

As soon as I loaded the project from its new location on C:, Microsoft's test runner immediately found and ran the tests.

Unfortunately, Resharper's still doesn't work. It continues to set them to "pending" and never does anything else. Apparently this is a known issue that hopefully will be fixed soon.

(Hopefully I've added enough keywords to this that others will be able to find this problem and solution without having to spill blood all over the keyboard.)

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