Friday, September 2, 2005

About me and this blog

Hi. I'm Harley and I'm a software developer. I'm also a lot of other things, but the focus of this site is about software development and this aspect of who I am. I grew up in the graphics arts industry; my Dad and Granddad both owned and managed print shops. I got into software by working on computer-driven typesetting equipment from there I started writing software to work with these devices. In this context I've been around and involved with computers since grade school.

I started programming a TRS-80 Model 1 while in Jr. High learning Basic and Z-80 assembler. From there I moved to Business Basic on a Data General Nova and C on an S-100/Z-80 based multi-user machine. Since the mid-90s I've primarily worked on desktop applications in the Windows environment.

The goal of this blog is to provide an place for my thoughts on the what's happening in the software development scene. They range from general development issues to technology specific things I work on.

Comments are welcome but I do moderate them. This is simply to keep things wholesome for general family viewing. By default, comments will be accepted. The few things that will cause a comment to be rejected are:

1. It is too long even though it may be well-written and make interesting points. It's supposed to be a comment, not an essay. If you have that much to say, write a blog article and backlink to me.

2. It is nasty, impolite or uses language that is unacceptable.

3. It includes a a link that has a typo or is broken in some other way.

4. It should have been sent as an e-mail since it is clearly addressed to me and does not appear to have been intended for other readers.

5. It is blatantly self-promotional. This does not mean it can't be self-promotional at all, but it should add some value over an above the marketing.

My e-mail is harley3 at I also twitter. And finally, I have a page that contains a list of my other blogs and some more general information about me.