Friday, September 23, 2011

Sharing folders with Windows 8 between VirtualBox machines

Currently Windows 8 runs just fine inside a VirtualBox machine. However, guest additions, the tools to enable certain useful features of VirutalBox, do not yet work with Windows 8. Today I wanted to use some Visual Studio projects from an existing Windows XP virtual machine in my new Windows 8 machine. The obvious first choice was to simply use a shared folder on the host in both virtual machines. However, this requires the guest additions, so I went looking for a work around.

What I found to work was a second virtual hard drive. In VirtualBox, on my primary development machine, I created a new hard drive on the existing IDE controller. I then started the machine and went into Windows' device manager. The disk manager started the new disk wizard. After initialization, I created and formatted an NTFS partition. I then copied the files I wanted to work with to this new disk. Finally I shutdown this machine.

Next, in VirturalBox, I added the same, new hard drive image as a second drive on the Window 8 box's SATA controller. (If you add the drive to the IDE controller, Windows 8 will try to boot to it first and fail with a bad image error.) When I booted Windows 8 and went into Explorer, the second drive showed up with all the data I'd copied to it.

That's it, pretty simple and straight forward, but not the obvious (to me) first solution.

Warning: I don't know what would happen if both virtual machines are run at the same time. I suspect (and hope) the second one started would get some sort of sharing violation and not allow the disk to be mounted. I can't imagine VirtualBox is smart enough to allow two machines to attach to the same vdi file at the same time without corrupting the data. However, it seems to work just fine as long as there is only one machine using the file at any given point of time.

Hope this helps someone.

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