Monday, November 24, 2008

Microsoft's OfficeUI Ribbon: Application template

I've been working with the recently released Ribbon control from Microsoft's Office UI group. There are several cookie-cutter setup steps to get an application ribbon aware. In order to facilitate setting up a new application, I made a Visual Studio 2008 template that creates a blank application containing a ribbon bar with some empty controls.

Here is the template file. Copy this zip file to My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#. When Visual Studio is started, the New project dialog displayed when File | New | Project... will have a new Ribbon Application option under My Templates. Select this to create a skeleton ribbon application.

When the application is created, an error will be displayed indicating the ribbon control library cannot be found. This is because this library needs to be acquired directly from Microsoft. To get it you need to go to the OfficeUI web site. (Here are the how-to-get instructions.)

Once the library is downloaded and installed on your computer, go to the new ribbon application's References, remove RibbonControlsLibrary and then add it in again, pointing to the location on your computer.

The skeleton application contains a Close option on the application menu to stop the application. There is a single tab with a single group containing a single button. Finally, there is a single button on the quick access toolbar. These all can be used as templates to easily add more.

More information on creating Visual Studio templates can be found on the MSDN site. (Thanks to paranoid ferret for the pointers on to how to create templates.)

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Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not violating #4 but...
Here's Mad Pandamonius CheerZ !, 4am NewYear's day and You just showed me how to code the Ribbon( newbie ol' guy trying to build a Library organizer using the ribbon) WORLD of difference when one can See the code ! THANK YOU for your time & sharing your skills !